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Thursday: Albums for the Season

I’ve been thinking lately about what music I listen to and when and why and I thought it would be pretty interesting to see how my tastes change throughout the year. The weather has a remarkable influence on a person and their mood don’t y’think? 





1. David Bowie – Scary Monsters

2. ELO – The Best Of 

3. Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts

4. Pulp – This is Hardcore

5. Roger Waters – Radio Chaos.






1. The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow

2. The Rolling Stones – Stripped

3. The Stereophonics – Can’t actually pick an album for this one. 

4. Pulp – Different Class

5. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime







1. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

2. David Bowie – Heathen 

3. Nick Cave – Murder Ballads

4. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Next

5. Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man






1. Jethro Tull – Songs From The Wood

2. Tom Waits – Mule Variations

3. Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo – Almanac

4. Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More

5. The Number 1 Christmas Album (Sssshh) 


Does your music taste change throughout the year? 

Tuesday: The Lion



The Lion, the Lion, he dwells in the Waste,
He has a big head and a very small waist;
But his shoulders are stark, and his jaws they are grim,
And a good little child will not play with him. 

Hilaire Belloc

Monday: 5 Things I liked about Godzilla



1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson




Drop him off a bridge? He’s fine. Lock him in a van and let him get trampled – he’s cool as a cucumber. Everyone else he comes into contact with dies? No skin off his back, he’s fiiiine. (Also, he’s fiiiine ;))

2. These shots: 








3. Tiffany- let me explain. A lot of people have said that as great as the monsters are in this film, the plot is dead boring. And I mean dead boring. I managed to fix this by imagining Godzilla as a go-gettum woman (pretty much Elle Woods) who just wants everyone to stay out of her house. She wants people to use her real name thanks. She has a thing for Ford. She likes to take a cheeky nap. Her victory roar at the end? I saw this: 


4.  The Face.

Image Oh Ken Watanabe, you’re so surprised. everything ever. Also I really liked that the only advice he would give was ‘just let them fight it out.’ And the military guy’s all like, but I need better advice than that, they’ll kill millions of civilians. Ken’s just like – ‘It’s nature bro, roll with it.’ 

5. This kid



Okay, so you can’t see his face in this picture but I assure you, he is mega cute! Mega. 


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